High Converting Websites for Manufacturing Companies

Your website is probably losing you customers.

We build sites that get you more.

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“Working with Strategic Manufacturer showed me that we were getting a lot of customers walking away before even contacting us, just because our website wasn’t designed to get more enquiries. After getting our new site done, we saw on average 31.2% more customers contacting us for quotes, which in our industry is big money!”

Forest Chiu

Forest Chiu

How Are Our Websites Unique?

We Use Proven Designs That Create More Sales and Leads

What use is a website that doesn’t make sales? Using our platform allows you to take advantage of the latest conversion technology, which we will update over time.

(Yes, we take care of and systematically improve your website while you sleep!)

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We Dial In On Your USPs To Better Market Your Company

We also ask you about your market, your customers, your industry and use the information to build you a website that truly sells.

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We Offer A Purpose Built Product Upload / Editing Software & Unlimited Small Updates

Whenever you need to tweak some text on your site, or swap out some pictures, you’ll be able to easily do it yourself using our simple to use software (for which we provide training).

Alternatively, send the job over to us and we’ll get it done for you, free of charge.

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Marketing for Manufacturers is all we do,
so we don’t get side-tracked by other industries or projects.

After working with manufacturers and consumer brands, we found that many companies prefer to invest money on more and more traffic to drive more sales.

Sure, that works for a while.

But after a time the sales peak, and driving more traffic doesn’t seem to be increasing sales as much as it did before. That’s because your website is not conversion optimised.

Our advice is that before you spend a single penny on more advertising, you need to set your website up to convert those visitors into customers. It makes sense right?

A website is not just a pretty branding tool (although our modern design does do wonders for a brand’s public image), but a 24 hour salesman who is out there convincing new customers to work with you around the clock.

Based on our experience and lessons learned in the Ecommerce industry, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building websites that convert traffic into leads.

Leave it to us to stop the loss of business month on month, and turn your website into a lead generating machine.

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“Russ was really helpful in understanding our website and conversion problems and I am very thankful for his assistance. We will definitely use his services on an ongoing basis. Thanks very much Russ, you rock!”

Valentine Corraya

Valentine Corraya

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